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Masterair Services was established to provide a comprehensive preventative maintenance option to purchasers of Masterair air conditioning equipment and controls. An increased demand for additional services in recognition of our professional approach, led to the progressive development of a carefully constructed nationwide team of highly skilled service engineers.


24 Hour Service

Even in an ideal world there is occasionally the requirement for afterhours attendance for breakdowns. We as a company do not have a huge amount of out of hours’ calls. We put this down to the standard of work by our planned maintenance division. However, we except that the unexpected does occasionally occur and for this reason we have systems in place to deal with this. Be assured that where we carry out planned maintenance, the incidence of call-outs is rare.


Our Service:

  • Call-out contact phone number manned 24/7
  • Technicians on standby to solve your problems.
  • Single visit repair where possible
  • Rapid follow up where un-stocked parts are required





Masterair Services planned to rapidly grow their business but to do this they required a software solution to manage their service and accounting functions in one. The engineers on site needed information on their current call but also previous calls. They needed to be able to create follow up calls or new calls when an issue was identified on site but wasn’t reported. The Service solution had to have GPRS tracking and work on standard mobile devices Android or iPhone.


Profitability and stock used on each call was important. This could identify least profitable calls and it ensured that stock used by the engineer was charged out.





Having completed a detailed analysis and review of their existing systems, we provided Masterair Services with Advanced Business Manager Accounting and Service.


A call is scheduled as part of a planned maintenance provision or single visit repair option.


The call immediately appears on the scheduler, it is assigned to the engineer associated with that account providing consistency of service. If that engineer is delayed on another site or is unable to attend the call it can be assigned to another engineer.


Once the call is completed it immediately appears on the scheduler, the completed call sheet can be reviewed and invoiced immediately detailing the hours on site, travel time and any stock used. The customer account the VAT and Nominal Ledgers are updated thus providing an end to end solution.


Extensive installations and service history records are kept, allowing Masterair Services to keep all relevant installation details in one place.


It has been a journey for Masterair Services as they had several systems which had to be replaced with one integrated solution. This has had a big impact on the day to day operations at Masterair Services allowing them to improve cashflow, reducing the amount of stock held and increasing the efficiency of their service engineers.


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Masterair Services

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Masterair Services

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