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Amber Fire Protection Ltd. was established in 2005 combining 60 years of experience in the fire protection business. hey have a vast customer base covering Construction, Pharmaceutical, Health Boards, Food Industry, Retail, Fire Stations, and Airports. They have large Multi-National and Nationwide contracts on their books.


Their main office is in Limerick and they have highly qualified engineers and sales staff whom have a wealth of experience which give them Nationwide coverage.


Due to the growth in the business and increasing regulatory demands it has become imperative that they have easy access to information on their clients, their products and their installations. They need to ensure that their clients are compliant. This is achieveed through regular scheduled site visits. They must provide an excellent service and resolve issues immediately.





Amber Fire Protection Ltd used several applications to run their business from Sage Accounting to Excel spreadsheets. There was no integration between the different applications and created a lot of duplication.


Engineers required up-to-date information showing the history of site visits for each customer. This information was not available to them.


Clients wanted reports in different formats in relation to service calls and serviced items. Management required information on Engineer’s site visits to determine what was the best use of the engineer’s time.





Advanced Business Manager Accounting and Advanced Business Manager Service is ideal for Amber Fire Protection because it provides one integrated solution. Data only needs to be entered once. It can then be accessed by internal staff and engineers on site. It allows the calls and activities of engineers to be reviewed so that their time is used efficiently and hence more profitably.


Amber Fire Protection is heavily involved in distribution so we were also able to provide a stock management solution.


How to implement this new Software?

It was a large undertaking to move several applications with data into the one integrated solution with as little disruption as possible to the company.


It was decided to approach this in two phases.


  • Phase I was to replace Sage accounting with Advanced Business Manager Accounting to include Stock Control in the warehouse.
  • Phase II was to replace the existing Alarm Master Service software with Advanced Business Manager Service software and the Mobile Apps software for the engineers.


It was also possible to replace the existing van tracking solution with the Advanced Business Manager GPRS tracking solution.


Amber Fire Protection Ltd.

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Amber Fire Protection Ltd.

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ABM : Accounts / service + SSG Support