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Forestry Services was founded in 1985 to provide forestry services to all woodland owners and persons considering forestry. They provide a service through their team of foresters who are all members of the Society of Irish Foresters and are registered on the Forest Service list of approved foresters.


They provide long term forest management services through our associate company, Forwood Forestry Ltd, and now provide technical advice on agriculture and forestry related issues through our association with Cillin Farm Advisory Group.


The outlook for timber production in Ireland is excellent. Ideal soil conditions, high rainfall, a mild climate coupled with a low incidence of environmental pollution combine to give them the highest growth rates for forests in Europe.


Forestry is an ethical investment based upon sustainable forest management techniques that are not only beneficial for the investor, but also for society.





To grow Forestry Services, Paddy Bruton had to find a state-of-the-art solution to manage the entire forest management process, from marketing and sales through to planning, planting, thinning and eventual sale of the crop. While a database was important it had to link with an accounting application to manage the ordering of plants, material and labour.


The team was managing everything in Microsoft Excel, but this system proved cumbersome and time-intensive as the data grew. They needed a system that could not only store, but also disseminate information to their foresters around the country. Emails and documents had to be organised per forest and making these "forest files" readily available to employees in remote locations was essential.





We provided Customer Relationship Management software in 2016. Paddy Bruton, Director, Forestry Services, selected our software as it was the best solution for their requirements. Customer Relationship Management software has 1.6 million users worldwide; this software is reliable, flexible and quick to deploy.


Forestry Services was the second Irish private forestry industry to introduce Customer Relationship Management software into their business. Both its ease of use and the option to configure it are key features enabling it to meet the challenges of each company.


Once our customisation was complete and rolled out, the team could see the advantages straight away. All their records are now up-to-date and they are managing their sales opportunities and forest management process very effectively – a sure sign that they appreciate and value the benefits the solution provides.


From a management perspective, they now have full sight of all sales and lead activity, irrespective of where it is in the process, right at their fingertips.


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Forestry Services

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